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Welcome to the updated website containing my latest artwork and some classic pieces. I hope you enjoy scrolling through the galleries. Please contact me using the email link below if you'd like me to assist you with your project.
last update:  March 2024
This site is dedicated to the memory of Eddie Archer, my agent and friend  who died in January. He was a massive influence on the work on these pages and will be greatly missed by his family, friends and artists.
As a child I was always to be found drawing at the kitchen table, my imagination fired up by something or other, and would eagerly sketch down an idea for a new fangled car or aeroplane. I entered drawing competitions regularly, winning a Blue Peter badge for my mini submarine picture, and an electric motorway set and fifty Matchbox toy cars for my vision of a car of the future. The pain at such a young age was the twenty-eight day wait for the prize to arrive. I was encouraged in my artistic endeavors at school,  borrowing my dad’s fine sable brushes and water colours, and then experimenting with oil paints. Next came art college where I enrolled in the technical illustration course. In the first year we were taught to airbrush, and I quickly understood the power of this medium, later in the course producing car three quarter views and cut-aways using this technique. CAD was increasingly being used for technical subjects by the time I graduated, so when I turned professional, I found myself painting more varied subjects, from food to fantasy. The Apple Mac freed me from the obvious limitations of traditional media, but my work still retained its signature look. I use Photoshop and illustrator in conjunction with cinema 4d and painting and photography to create my pieces.